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Never be afraid to try something new. Remember amateurs built the ark, and professionals built the Titanic!
Everything you do and say shows the world who you really are. Let it be the truth.
About Sue Miller


National Speaker

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Sue Miller is a professional speaker, business owner, courseware author and consultant. She began Miller Training & Consulting in 1995 delivering customized training to improve employee performance and morale. Sue believes that people are most productive when they feel utilized and are valued for their unique contributions.

Companies seeking a high performance workforce will assuredly find positive results as they work with Sue. In her workshops, she seeks to develop high levels of participant interaction in the classroom. Her experience as a director of television broadcast finds her at ease in front of the live camera, often delivering to distance learning audiences around the country.

She consults with sincerity and tenacity - always seeking to feel the pinch of the client's problem. Only when she has completely understood the issue…and only then!....does she begin consultation. She works with executives in companies around the country. In addition, she has consulted with Boards of Directors and non-profit organizational leaders.
She's honest, straightforward, and quick to assess what she sees is at the heart-of-the-matter.

National Speaker
"She speaks from the heart" is what is most often said about Sue. Her passion and sincerity come through as she presents from the platform. She boldly and beautifully engages topics such as values, integrity, personal focus, finding meaning, and happiness. Sue says, "I get high on the visibility of outcomes, more than spotlights. She loves her audiences, and they love her! Her topics engage audiences both in and out of the workplace. Sue says, "It's my chance to help people build character…and all of us ought to always be working on our character!"

Courseware Author
The design and development of all the materials produced by Miller Training & Consulting have been written by Sue. She says, "My courses reflect "who I am", as well as delivering key content around significant workplace competencies. I love to write and pull the participant "out of his chair" with our workbooks."

Sue holds a B.S. and M.Ed. She completed the Instructional Design Program at the University of Michigan's School of Business Administration in 1995 and is certified to deliver numerous vendor-partner performance training programs. She graduated from a two-year program from Coach University in 2000. Human Resources Manager in Fortune 500 corporation.

Sue is comfortable with large corporate clients, as well as with small-to-mid-size organizations. Her experience in the educational and business communities over the last 20 years puts her at ease in most settings:

  • Experience on the main speaking platform at associations of 1000+
  • Experience delivering from main-stage to large corporate audiences
  • Experience in delivering to breakout sessions and classroom settings
  • Experience in developing an outstanding HRD department in a Fortune 500 company
  • Experience in consulting and facilitating in major corporations
  • Experience in coaching senior executives
  • Experience delivering to technical audiences
  • Experience in presenting to public educators and other non-profits
  • Experience in design, development and delivery of customized presentations
  • Experience in distance learning design and delivery
  • Experience in speech writing


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Frisco Chamber Of Commerce


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Find something that you love to do and you'll never have to work a day in your life.
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