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Influence Begins with “I”
The Rippling Effect of A Good (or Bad) Attitude

People watch us. With or without our awareness, we are a role model to many.  One thing you can be sure of is that “you are discussed” in many situations and in many households!  “That can’t be!  I’m not that important!” you say.  Stop and think about how you discuss other people.  It’s a human element with all people.  So, this presentation focuses on learning to use your influence wisely.  It’s motivational and packs a powerful message.

  • My influence is unstoppable:  it will either be negative or positive
  • My influence is rooted inside of me – take a look
  • I influence everyone with whom I come in contact
  • There are 5 practical ways to influence others constructively
  • Hear true stories of everyday influence

Think Like a Leader!
The Difference-Maker Between Mediocre and Amazing Results
The way we see an issue makes all the difference in how we perform!  People can be messy and unruly.  No guarantees come with relationships.  However, there are some very effective behaviors that lead to wonderful results – in our professional and our personal lives.  This message focuses on three important aspects of YOUR leadership:  Position, Responsibilities, and Team.  Whether you’re an executive, a manager, or an associate…you MUST THINK LIKE A LEADER to create an atmosphere of cooperation and ultimate positive outcomes.

  • Get in lock-step with the organization’s mission
  • Own your own significance as the key person
  • Define your responsibilities
  • Exact definition of “trustworthiness” to the team
  • The double challenge to think like a leader

A Keen Eye for Trust
Recognizing the “Obvious” Factor for High Performance
The dramatic increase in demand for competent leaders makes all organizations more vulnerable to high turnover.  Leaders can not sustain their positions unless they build trust above them, beneath them, and beside them.  This programs looks at the two ingredients that comprise a trustworthy character.  Without a “keen eye for trust”, most people do not realize that trust speeds up our business processes, and low-trust slows them down.  Trust becomes a very key business variable.  Speed-to-market is critical.  This message wakes up any audience regarding the significance of building high-trust organizations.

  • High-trust leaders inspire their followers
  • Build a trustworthy character
  • The challenges of high-trust initiatives
  • Develop a keen eye – don’t overlook the rewards
  • Clear, practical exercises to build high trust
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