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Sue's Value as a Speaker
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America's strength lies in her diversity…not in her sameness. What is your uniqueness? What is your contribution?

Sue's Value as a Speaker

Outcomes you can expect…..

I know what you, Mr. and Ms. Organizational Leader, want:

  • You want gung-ho, excited employees.
  • You want loyal and faithful employees.
  • You want employees that enjoy what they're doing.
  • You want interesting people who "have a life".
  • You want workers who are bright and alert.
  • You want contributors who understand the bottom line.
  • You want your people to be proud of their organization.

I tap into that desire to help you build a better organization;
one in which the people matter and the people care.

What audiences will get from my presentations?

  • An excitement to contribute what only they can
  • A clear sense that your attitude determines your outcomes
  • A re-visitation to what really matters
  • A renewed sense of individual value and worth
  • An understanding that happiness is a choice
  • A second-look at the modern meaning of being politically correct
  • A charge that "if you mess up, you 'fess up"!
  • A reminder that "time waits for no one"
A challenge to do all they can, as expediently as they can, to accomplish everything they can.


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Throwing at a target renders random results. Only when the player aims carefully and uses great skill does the game become exciting!
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