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Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. Carl Bard
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These topics are delivered as a breakout session or in half-day or full-day training formats. Topics are always customized for your audience and can be combined. All topics provide excellent material for customized conference breakout sessions.


These workshops, in complete format, are available for licensing within your organization. That includes the licensing of the product for an agreed-upon time and an in-house train-the-trainer session to certify your training professionals for delivery of the product. Materials include workbook, leader’s guide, slides, and handouts. All can be customized with your organization's name and logo.


Developing the New Manager – Low Investment with High Return!

This course provides basic interpersonal and communication skills for new managers. Every participant will be grounded in (1) Basic Concepts of Management, (2) Management Communication (feedback, providing performance coaching, delegating, etc.), and (3) Understanding Management as a Leadership Role (development of trust, motivation, leading change, being a role model, teaching resiliency, managing stress, etc.). Every participant will be given a Behavioral Style Insights™ and Motivation Insights™ assessment, administered through our Internet Delivery Service™. Top^

Behavioral Style - Avoiding Conflict in the Workplace

Understanding ourselves and those that work around us is a key ingredient to avoiding conflict on the job or in our personal lives. This course offers valuable insight into your own preferred style of communication and behavior. In addition, you will learn to recognize other basic styles of behavior…and what each style desires in order to perform at its peak. The class is designed to foster better relationships on teams and within whole organizations. Participants experience an enhanced self-image and new appreciation for others. There is a new sense of valuing the differences that others offer to the group. Excellent for building strong synergistic teams. Time is allocated for actual simulations of working harmoniously and working in discord. Top^

The Dreaded Performance Appraisal – A Teaching and Motivational Tool

This workshop teaches an on-going method of appraising performance throughout the annual work cycle. The manager learns the sequential steps to performance evaluation that lead directly into a logical and agreeable performance review. Participants learn ways to document performance and give feedback. Role plays in class allow opportunities for managers to practice handling difficult situations during employee evaluations. Top^

Listening Skills - The #1 Key to Persuasion and Influence

This class answers the need of every organization to develop individuals who communicate more clearly, succinctly and informatively. Participants will learn how to actively listen for fuller meaning; to set good clear working agreements; to enhance their methods of communication follow-up; and to actively reduce conflict in the workplace. This interactive format involves all participants in multiple role plays that demonstrate the difference between destructive, counterproductive communication and constructive, highly-productive communication techniques. Excellent for all employees! Top^

Interpersonal Skills – Developing a Positive Workplace Environment

Interpersonal Skills, so mandatory to building a pleasant workplace are often left behind in the rapid-fire environment of today. This workshop teaches that the attitudes and behaviors we bring to the job ultimately determine the results we get. It's how you affect others and the direct correlation with how willing, or unwilling, others are to assist you. Since we don't work in silos, we show that you can get "your results" along with building "lasting working relationships". Participants will have the opportunity to feel the effects of good interpersonal skills, as well as the effects of poor interpersonal skills. Top^

Presentation Skills – These Basic Skills Deliver Big Results - Level 1

Participants in Presentation Skills will overcome their fear of presenting by giving multiple videotaped mini-presentations. Material covered includes physical and platform skills, a template for content development, practice in investigating your audience, and a discussion of visual aids. Each participant is videotaped and given immediate feedback. EVERY participant leaves with a greater poise and understanding of what it takes to deliver a clear, interesting presentation! Top^


Advancing Presentation Skills - Moving to Illustrations and Humor - Level 2

This course takes the presenter's skills to the level of a semi-professional speaker. Participants investigate ways to develop attention-grabbing openers and powerful, memorable closes. Participants work on developing illustrations that enhance audience imagery and on developing their style of humor. Participants are video taped during each of their mini-presentations and given immediate feedback and coaching. Top^

Multimedia Presentations – Accompany a Great Message with Great Media!

Participants will experience the power computerized presentations. Microsoft PowerPoint will be the application used to develop a common presentation in the classroom. This course does not teach PowerPoint. Tips will be given to help develop and deliver the most effective presentations that appeal to your audience. Top^

Interviewing Skills: Recruiting, Hiring, and Retaining Winners

In this class, participants learn structured, goal-oriented behavioral interviewing . They are taught a procedural template that, if followed, will select interviewees who fit the job and desire the job ("Winners!") rather than selecting interviewees from an unidentified gut feeling. The class includes a module on legal boundaries, calculation of the real cost of employee replacement, preparation for the interview, and the interview agenda (with role plays) of the actual interview. Top^

Managing Through Change: Competencies Required for Successful Transition

When changes come rapidly in the organization, your people can suffer. This course teaches (1) what the nature of change does to us all, (2) what happens at work when we are overwhelmed with organizational change, (3) as managers, how to spot change-related negative performance, and (4) as managers, what steps to take to correct performance and get your organization back on track. Resiliency is the key to a healthy employee's ability to transition through change. This class teaches the five concepts of resiliency. You can get your people ready for upcoming change with this class. Top^

Facilitation Skills: Running a Successful Meeting or Workshop

This is a cornerstone skill for anyone who facilitates a meeting.  This ½-day workshop teaches the tasks before the meeting, how to conduct the meeting, and how to close the meeting for the maximum benefit of the gathering.  Participants will learn (1) tips for developing their own credibility, (2) how to set a clear agenda, (3) how to handle problem participants, (4) how to draw out the highest level of participation, (5) how to close a meeting with action, and (6) follow-up techniques that get results. Top^

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